The 6ix Clicks Collective

The 6ix Clicks Collective is a group of Toronto-based photographers who document the places, the people, and the spaces where community identities are visible. With art practices ranging from documentary-journalism to fine art, this collaboration is driven by a shared desire to promote high-quality photographic work that emphasizes themes of social, environmental and cultural consequence.


The 6ix Clicks Collective encourages visual storytelling through exhibitions, digital formats, and publications that highlight the member’s work as a group and as individuals.

Andrew Smith is a lifelong creative with 40 years working as a carpenter in movies and television, building the odd and the unusual. Now retired, he's an art photographer who creates pictures that are odd and unusual. His aim is to create abstract images from the reality around us.

David Williams is a Toronto street and landscape photographer who documents the relationships between people and their environments, both natural and created. These relationships may be fleeting or stable but they all tell a story -whether it be an accidental juxtaposition or a glimpse into everyday life.

Harry Halyk Graduated in1983 from Fanshawe College's Commercial Photographic Program. Harry works in the photographic field as a darkroom technician and large format digital printer. Working with both analog and digital medium, Harry’s work can be categorized as street photography, abstract art, as well as portraits and still life.

Jeff Stewart resides in the East York area of Toronto. His interest in photography started in high school. He received a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Photography from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University) in 1986. Jeff’s photographic influences are varied. His photography can be seen on Flickr.

Mary Crandall has, for many years, been walking the streets and alleys of Toronto taking pictures of people and places that catch her eye. She uses these photos in her blog (As I Walk Toronto) where she documents some of the many stories that the city has to tell.

Sasha Furlani is a digital and analog enthusiast whose practice covers a wide range of photographic genres.  Currently a Master of Arts candidate in the Film & Photographic Preservation and Collection Management program at Ryerson University, his passion for collections and photographic history is reflected in his approach to photography.


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