Art and everyday life

Art & Everyday Life is a program provided by the Riverdale Hub focused on engaging marginalized women in the arts through virtual arts workshops, conversations, and tours, led by local artists, as well as galleries and museums across Canada. Participants have the opportunity to hone arts-based skills and create new meaning in their own personal approaches to art.

Daddy, Dale Burnette-Splude, photograph, 2021


ABOUT the program

This program was inspired by our community of newcomer and refugee women and the insight that they have provided into their experiences with the arts in Canada. The women that we work with in our employment training and settlement programs are extremely passionate about the arts, but many of them have found it difficult to access the arts since relocating to Canada, and especially since the start of the pandemic. Museum entrance fees can be expensive, and galleries are often located selectively in certain neighborhoods. In Canada, art isn’t often presented in a way that is accessible to people who don’t have a formal arts education or who have a first language other than English. Through the Art & Everyday Life program, we provide opportunities for arts engagement that are accessible, fun, and reflective of our diverse community.


Art & Everyday Life Exhibition

Reconfiguring the Everyday

The first session of our Art & Everyday Life program ran in June and July of 2021 and included lens-based art workshops with artist Mariam Magsi, collage and photomontage workshops with artist Alejandro Rizzo Nervo, a virtual tour and talk with South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC), a virtual tour of the Riverdale Hub Gallery, and a virtual tour of Gallery TPW.

This first session of Art & Everyday Life has taught us so much! We are incredibly grateful to the enthusiastic group of program participants who joined us on this journey. The exhibition Reconfiguring the Everyday celebrates the culmination of the first Art & Everyday Life program and acts as a testament to the hard work, thoughtfulness, and creativity of the artists who took part in it; these qualities shine through in each of their artworks.


UPCOMING program registration

The next session of the Art & Everyday Life program will run for 6 weeks and begin in November 2021. Registration for this program is now open.

Riverdale Hub acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

art and everyday Life, program



“Phenomenal program - I'm very grateful for this opportunity!”


“[I] felt welcomed and safe to share [my] experiences.”


“[I liked] the information that was provided, organization, and diversity in education. I especially enjoyed art history, how each artist use[s] it to express their individuality to share their story and all the different artist[s] right here in our city. I enjoyed the group and sharing our work with each other and the new skills I gained.”


“I open[ed] my mind and creativity to new visual arts [such] as photography and college photomontage.”


“This program has inspired me in so many ways and has allowed me to deepen my art practice. All the facilitators were excellent, the presentations were relevant and engaging. I loved the emphasis on art that promotes decolonization.”


“I loved the artist[s] that came to share their amazing talents with us. I learnt so much and have a new foundation [of] love for photography and art including collaging.”