Kat Estacio

"Leaving the homeland 'for good'; the experience is all too familiar. Aspiring for that Blue Sky, our collective consciousness is enticed with the idea of a better life. We trade sweaty open-air bus rides and seasonal monsoons for the foundations of a new home where both our hands and our hearts grow colder year-over-year. Transplanted into the stark whiteness of winter, and in the arid expanse of this system, we ride all time lows as if engulfed by the spell of a mangkukulam. We turn inward, furthest ever from the sea, and yet the emptiness booms a deafening silence: calm, dim, but entangled at the bottom nonetheless. At the point where we can choose to go back home, how many full moons would have passed? This is the messy pastiche that is my reality as I accept that we are both brimming and incomplete." 


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