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Everything sold in the Social Gardener Café pantry is either grown in house or sourced from local producers, vegan and made in our kitchen with love!


ABOUT our pantry

Our shop features staple pantry items, as well as housemade ferments, preserves, soup mixes, bake-it-yourself cookie dough and seasonal granola. In the summer months, we harvest fresh produce and herbs from our rooftop garden, which we sell either fresh or prepared in our seasonally inspired sauces, spreads, and oils.

Whatever we don’t make ourselves we source from our network of trusted local purveyors. Our coffee and teas are organic and fair trade and are available for purchase both in store and online.

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SHIPPED to you

These pantry items can either be picked up in-store (as above) or shipped to an address in the GTA at a flat rate of $10.00 CAD per order. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.


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