GALLERY exhibitions

Current and upcoming exhibitions at the Riverdale Hub Gallery


Devon Pryce: Unfamiliar Resemblance

Sept 1 – October 31, 2021
Riverdale Gallery, 1st Floor

Devon Pryce is an artist currently based in Toronto. He completed his BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University. Devon’s work incorporates painting, digital concepts, and cinematic themes. His work explores issues of anxiety, the mundane and displacement. Devon is interested in the mechanisms humans use to manipulate their surroundings, and the influence that those measures have on the psyche. His paintings involve experimental renderings of people, places and objects that carry cognitive weight, and are rendered using a thin application of oil paint that allows for an atmospheric and watery quality in the painting. By a process that often crosses digital media with oil painting, the narrative subject matter exists in a balanced space between fabrication and reality.

Image: Devon Pryce, Remedy, oil on canvas, 2021

Parth Upadhye: Vibrant Calm

Parth Upadhye is a Toronto-based artist. His approach is one of introspection and the ethos of his work is “vibrant calm.” Fascinated by stories people have been telling each other for centuries, he reinvents these narratives. His intent is to extend both the creative and appreciative processes. His works do not mimic nature or existing human outputs. They are deliberately created to encourage the viewer to meditate on lines, shapes and colors.

Image: Parth Upadhye, Vibrant Calm X, oil on canvas